I graduated in 1969 from Rutgers University and received my degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine in 1973 from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Hackensack, New Jersey. I have been a resident of Montville since 1976 and decided to relocate my practice from Newark in 1986 to my own community. The site name of "Sculpted Smiles" is not an affectation, but one based on actuality and is an integral part of my life. I have discovered fairly recently that my interest in art goes beyond simple appreciation and extends to the need to create. My artistic focus is figurative sculpture and the display of the human condition. This ability is translated into my work as a dentist.


My practice focuses on preventative and aesthetic dentistry, and I use my artistic skills in placing porcelain laminate veneers, direct bonding, crowns and permanent bridge work, which allows me to give you that smile you've always wanted. I believe that with the advances in dental medicine, there is no reason why the majority of people should not be able to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. My goal is to work with you to attain this. I am committed to keeping up with the continuous advances in dentistry: I complete many hours of continuing education in dentistry each year in order to provide you with the most current and conservative techniques.

Outside my dental work, I also enjoy art, music, and especially sculpture. Please visit my art page to see my latest sculptures.

Dr. Stanley Yeager